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Upgrade to Energy Efficiency

Upgrade to Energy Efficiency

July 12, 2022

As technology changes, so too do our homes. The modern house is equipped with an array of energy-efficient solutions—from LED bulbs to geothermal heating and cooling systems—but how can you upgrade your existing systems to be environmentally friendly and cost-efficient?


Did you remember to unplug the toaster after using it this morning? How about the phone charger in your bedroom? Go around your house and unplug any cord, charger, or device not in use to avoid a higher energy bill.

HVAC System

Unlike traditional thermostats, which have to be adjusted while someone is home, new models can be regulated from your smart phone or computer or can be programmed to recognize when you come and go to avoid cranking the heat or air conditioning when it’s unnecessary.


Make home updates that result in less energy usage. Ideas include switching to LED lightbulbs, replacing your old dishwasher with an ENERGY STAR model, and switching to low-flow showerheads.

Cold water

Certain items may have to be washed with warm water, but by doing a quick check of the tag inside your clothes before throwing them in the washer, you’ll save a lot of energy.


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